Acrimony (Coming March of 2018)
Film by Tyler Perry
Original Music by Christopher Lennertz
Mendeleyev: Juxtapositions (Coming in 2018)
First Chair (Coming in 2018)
Short Film by Colleen Davie Janes
Original music by Seth Kaplan
The Little Mermaid (Coming in 2018)
Film by Chris Bouchard & Blake Harris
Original Music by Jeremy Rubolino
The Mad Whale (2017)
Film with James Franco
Original Music by Layla Minoui
Sins of Hyrule (Video Game) (2017)
Original Music by Rozen
A Question of Faith (2017)
Film by Ty Manns
Del Caos al Cosmos - Gabriel Fuentes (2017)
House of the Witch (2017)
Film by Alex Merkin
Original Music by Bobby Tahouri
Baer - The Pink Formosa EP (2017)
Elwood Takes A Lover (2017)
Short Film by John Palmer
Original Music by J.R. Schwartz
Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare (Video Game) (2017)
Original music by Gordy Haab
Star Wars Sphero Droid Commercial (2017)
Original music by Mark Grisky
Please Stand By (2017)
Film by Ben Lewin
Original Music by Heitor Pereira
The Unattainable Story (2017)
Film by Emilia Ferreira
Original music by Carlos Jose Alvarez
Van William - The Revolution EP (2017)
Latched (2017)
Short Film by Justin Harding
Original music by Vivien Villani
Conor Jones: Where We've Been, Where We're Going - Single (2017)
Vikings: Season 5 (2017)
History Channel
Scripted Series by Michael Hirst
Original music by Trevor Morris
Allison Piccioni: Wasted Mind - Single (2017)
Everything Must Change (2017)
Documentary by Mariam Jobrani & Kenny Krauss
Original music by David Frank Long
Transformers 5 - The Last Knight Trailer (2017)
Film by Michael Bay
Original music by Steve Jablonsky
Elsewhere (2017)
Short Animation by Junyi Xiao
Original music by Xueran Chen
Blood Drive (2017)
Original Scripted Series by James Roland
Original music by Michael Gatt
Princess Agents (2017)
Chinese Television Series by Xiao Xiang Dong Er
Original theme & title music by Xueran Chen
The Tinwife (2017)
Short Film by Travis Neufeld
Original Music by Zak Millman
Next (2017)
Bethany (2017)
Film by James Cullen Bressack
Original Music by Alex Brian Csillag
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 (2017)
Original music by Bear McCreary
Cassidy Red (2017)
Film by Matt Knudsen
Original music by Andrew Carroll
Imposters (2017)
Original Music by The Wellspring
Shilo Gold:
Nocturne (2017)
Walking While Black (2017)
Short Film by A.J. Ali & Errol Webber
Original Music by Dan Brown Jr.
My Loyal Audience (2017)
Short Film by Megan Seely
Original Music by Jacques Brautbar
Evan Nachimson:
Questions (2017)
Wait on Rocket (2016)
Film by Brian Bus
Original music by Erick Del Aguila
Bless This Home (2016)
Short Film by Luke Smithers
Original music by Aldon Baker
Knight's Honor (Video Game Trailer) (2016)
Original Music by Hexany
Ryan Mascilak:
It's Christmastime Again - Single (2016)
Miss Mathilda:
Best Friends Heart - Single (2016)
Edelweiss - Single (2016)
Hannah Christianson
Grow The World You're Dreaming Of (2016)
Ryan Mascilak (2016)
Patricia Kaas
Patricia Kaas (2016)
Mike Posner:
Be As You Are (Acoustic) - Single (2016)
O.J.: Made In America (2016)
Your Old Man (2016)
Original Music by Joe Shirley
Mun Talpa:
Aguardiente - Single (2016)
Awake - Single (2016)
Mike Posner:
At Night, Alone. (2016)
So(u)l (2016)
Original Music by Nami Melumad
Eyes To Land (2016)
Zoya (2016)
Short Film by Sahirr Sethhi
Original music by Nathan Matthew David
Shachar Ziv:
When Night Becomes Dawn (2016)
Ro Rowan:
1997 - Single (2016)
Lost Girls (2016)
Short Film by Julia Verdin
Original music by Emily Rice
Ro Rowan:
Suspended in the Fall - Single (2016)
The Ballerina, the Shoemaker, and his Apprentice (2016)
Short film by Eva Ye
Original music by Peter Lam
Hannah Christianson:
Atoms - Single (2016)
Adam Friedman:
Pretty Things (Single) (2016)
Poison - Single (2016)
Severus Snape and the Marauders (2016)
Short Film by Justin Zagri
Original music by Alexander Arntzen
Restoring Tomorrow (2016)
Documentary by Aaron Wolf
Original music by Conor Jones
Sean Trainor:
Highway Rider (2016)
Samantha Farrell:
September Sun (2015)
Mun Talpa (2015)
Windigo Revolution (2015)
Short Film by Matthew Barber
Original music by Juan Carlos Enriquez
Alien EP (2015)
Switch Hitter (2015)
Short Film by Dan Levy Dagerman
Original music by Juan Carlos Enriquez
Sky Flying By:
Detour (2015)
The Western Den:
All The Birds EP (2015)
Mike Posner:
The Truth EP (2015)
Pamela Steebler:
Give In EP (2015)
Jaime Wyatt:
Live from the North Music Group Salon (2015)
Ana Rizo:
Welcome to My House (2014)
Jaime Wyatt feat. Matthew Szlachetka:
FourFiveSeconds - Single (2015)
K. Worley & D. Gainforth (2014)
Ears of Cherry (2014)
Short Film by Yuwen Jiang
Original music by Matea Prljevic
Trev Wignall:
Phantom Forest (2014)
Bent Knee:
Shiny Eyed Babies (2014)
Mario Castro:
Estrella De Mar (2014)
Zach Torres:
A Bit Like Home EP (2014)
Dream Theater:
Breaking the Fourth Wall DVD (2014)
Jerry Velona:
Love Radio (2014)
Hope Was A Mountain EP (2014)
Jaime Wyatt:
It Don't Rain - Single (2014)
Bigfoot Wallace:
Cup And Crown (2014)
Paige Chaplin:
Still These Bones (2014)
Lindsay Kupsey:
The Boston EP (2014)
Music Production & Engineering Projects (2014)
Berklee College of Music
Electronic Production and Design Projects (2014)
Berklee College of Music
Eskimos Of Love:
Love In Remission (Single) (2014)
Cautivadas (2014)
Documentary by Mercedes Ortega
Original music by Pamela Hersch
Josh Phillips Band:
Home To Me (2014)
Julie Fowlis:
Gach sgeul - Every Story (2014)
Machair Records
Matt McArthur:
Everything Must Go (2014)
Melissa Fielding:
Hide & Seek Me (2014)
Heavy Rotation Records: Dorm Sessions 9 (2014)
Berklee College of Music
Paige Chaplin:
Company - Single (2014)
Sky Flying By:
Can You Say It With One Word (2013)
Caitlin Timmins:
Bad Decisions EP (2013)
Compassion Through Action (2013)
Moana A.:
Dotted (2013)
The Morning of Everything (2013)
Short Film by Jeff Stern
Original music by Alison Plante
Sam Fischer:
Solid (2013)
Beady Sea:
Home Away From Home (2013)
Melissa Ferrick:
The Truth Is (2013)
MPress Records
Music Production and Engineering Projects (2013)
Berklee College of Music
The Western Den:
Battle Hymns EP (2013)
Mel Hart:
Stars EP (2013)
Aimee Cuevas:
The Footnotes Project (2013)
The Furies of War (2013)
Short Film by John Berardo
Original music by Alexander Arntzen
Riddle of the Mask (2013)
Short Film by Justin Zagri
Original music by Alexander Arntzen
Yuki Ohnishi:
Stq No. 1 Music for Jazz Strings Quartet (2013)
Veronica Tavares:
Blueprint of a Dream (2013)
Deepak Chopra:
The Secret of Healing Instrumental (2012)
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh:
The Small Hours (2012)
Oscar Adams:
Live EP (2012)
The Last Symphony
(Original Soundtrack) (2012)
Music by Richard Gould
M.I.T. / MDA
Para Papi EP (2012)
Songs and Story: Brave (2012)
Sarah Walk:
White Noise EP (2012)
Will Makar & The Red Line:
Break Away (2012)
Double Deal Brand
Allison Preisinger:
Be Heard (2012)
Ethan Edenburg:
Ethan Edenburg (2012)
Jaime Wyatt:
Believe - Single (2012)
Hannah Christianson:
The Part That Knows (2012)
Sing For Japan: Vol. 1 (2012)
Songs for Sandy Hook (2012)
Fontaine Brothers:
4U (2012)
Jenkins In Love (2011)
Short Film by Bill Politis
Original music by Akhil Gopal
Sky Flying By:
What’s The Farthest You Can See? (2011)
Robots With Rockets
Nikolas Metaxas:
Live at the Armory DVD (2011)
Face Off Records
Marika Takeuchi:
Night Dream EP (2011)
Wooley Recordings
The Anymen:
esperanto (2011)
Moss Points North:
The Ghost at the Feast (2011)
Nikolas Metaxas:
Square One (2011)
Deepak Chopra:
The Secrets of Healing (2011)
Play It By Ear Music
Dan Holguin: EP (2011)
Creature (2011)
Original Music by Kevin Haskins
11 Days (2010)
Jeff Kossack and the OtherHand:
Halflife (2010)
OtherHand Recording
Round and Round (2009)
A Documentary by Liz Manashil
Man. Woman. Blackbird. (2009)
A Short Film by R.J. Comer
Michael Gabriel:
Southern California Sessions EP (2009)
Henry Poole Is Here
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2008)
Lakeshore Records
Just Me (2007)
10 Spot Records
Blood and Chocolate
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2007)
Lakeshore Records
Leda Atomica:
Take It Back (2006)
5 Foot 12
Hooligan Wine:
Hooligan Wine (2006)
Bob Forrest:
Modern Folk and Blues Wednesday (2006)
Lakeshore Records
Jeff Kossack and the OtherHand:
This Boy's Life (2006)
OtherHand Recording
C'est la Vie EP (2005)
Chris Gerolmo:
I'm Your Daddy (2005)
Leonard's Bulge:
that's all yolks!!! (2005)
JoAnneh Nagler:
I Burn (2005)

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